Like you, we can't wait to get back to playing, but there are a few rules and requirements we need to share with you to make sure everyone stays safe.



Get Informed

My child has Special or Additional Needs. Is Playtopia suitable for us?

At Playtopia we strive to be inclusive to all, and welcome both children and adults with diverse needs.
Please note there may be some accessibility issues with certain parts of our play equipment. Feel free to give us a call prior to your visit to let us know about any additional needs you may have, and how we can best accommodate you and your little ones.

How does Playtopia manage the risk of COVID19?

Playtopia has a robust COVID19 policy in place to reduce the risk and transmission rates, this can be found in the menu.

How can I find out what events are coming up?

Please keep a close eye on our Facebook page @playtopianewmanagement or our instagram page @playtopiaplaycentre alternatively keep a close eye on our website for upcoming events.

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